A cross banning bot for Discord

project: peepoCop

What is this?

Discord is an online communication platform. It offers a rich API which can be used to control bots. Bots can do whatever a normal user can, with the advantage of being a computer program of course.

How does it work?

I wrote this project in java using Discord4j, a Reactor and Netty based asynchronous java wrapper for the Discord API.

What did I learn?

This project was a real learning experience! Here are some of the technologies I used in this project:


I wrote this bot for a client, it is used in almost 20 different guilds, which have over 300 thousand members in total. Each server has staff which monitors the chat with the help of this bot. Whenever any random person does something against the rules (i.e. advertises their own server without permission) the staff gets notified and then they ban the user in all the servers in the so called Dream World Network.